best used car to buy to fix up?


best used car to buy to fix up?

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  1. Go with a Chevy or Toyota.

  2. Please. . .anything but an Eclipse. The Eclipse is pretty much the biggest ****** bag car out there, but if you’re a ****** bag I guess it’s a good fit.

  3. definetly stay away from the eclipse. They are poorly built cars and are always having expensive problems.
    I also suggest staying away from the 95 mustangs.
    If this was a full out project car that was going to be driven only on week ends, an early mustang would be fine. You wouldnt really care about reliability, because the entire car is going to get gutted anyway, but im assuming this isnt what you want.
    The general rule is to stay away from car redesigns in the first 2-3 years they are on the market. The reason is, these cars always have the most problems and recalls. The 4th gen mustang came out in 94, so this 95 is only a year old..
    the 1995 mustang had 13 recalls (not all for the same model, but overall)
    the 1997 mustang had 8 recalls (once again, not all for the same model)
    So in 2 years, they cleaned up a large amount of problems.

    Youre looking for a car to tune. You need to have something in mind when you do this.
    If you buy a v6 mustang, and later decide you want an engine swap, it would be cheaper to sell the car and buy a v8 because of the huge amount of work its going to take for a swap….
    You also want to find a car that has a nice aftermarket. A large aftermarket means performance parts are much cheaper. as an example, If you buy an mx6, and look at the performance market, youre going to be shocked that you cant find a cold air intake for under $250.
    reliable, rear wheel drive, nice aftermarket, cheap parts, easy to work on…
    A 85-91 mazda rx7. They are good looking cars, rear wheel drive, SUPER easy to work on (you could easily rebuild the engine in a day.. seriously, theres a video on showing a guy rebuilding a rotary from start to finish in two hours), huge aftermarket, reliable, parts can be found in nearly any junkyard… and considering you can just keep adding rotors until your happy with the power, very verstile.
    A simple intake boring (you and a dremel) can get you 20+ hp.
    Under 2700lbs, 50/50 weight distribution, 30mpg… thats gonna be my next project car.

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  5. Japanese Car is a good choice.
    And If you want to buy a high quality car with a lowest price for the most reliable,I suggest you try Police auto auctions.
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    I followed the guide on .That site lists top 5 Police auction sites and help you choose the best one.
    Good luck!

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  7. Hi
    You can get really good cheap cars from auctions , you will find thousands of different auction and repo cars really cheap at
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  8. looking for small suv to fix up.$200,00–400,00 or small truck

  9. You narrowed it down my saying rear drive. Mustang GT is a good choice. The eclipse would not even be my 10th choice. The Ford looks decent, has great acceleration, has many aftermarket parts available to make it look even nicer and go faster. Parts can be had anywhere and day. The other choice would be a Pontiac trans Am.

  10. Late 80’s Mustang or camaro if you get a newer Mustang they have very costly parts from japan and im not a huge fan of the mitz, more high priced parts and very little space for mods!!!!!

  11. mustang would be easy to work on and some what fast

  12. how adversities for $1.00 donation nation wise

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