Can Bad Spark Plugs make your car not turn over. 5 points for best answer?


Can Bad Spark Plugs make your car not turn over. 5 points for best answer?

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4 comments to “Can Bad Spark Plugs make your car not turn over. 5 points for best answer?”

  1. Even if the plugs are fouled the car would still turn over. If it wont even try to start, like it just clicks and does nothing, then start with the battery and then the starter…

  2. bad plugs will cause one to run bad and be hard to start,but so will a gas filter,and what your describing sounds more like its not getting enough gas to the engine,you might want to have that checked out,but a bad set of plugs will cause some of this,if they was all bad though it probably wouldn’t have started back the next day,you may just need a really good tune up,that will cover plugs and a lot of other things on it,and that may help it more than anything,good luck.,,PS check all the battery connections real good on it also.

  3. You have a failing Throttle Position Sensor most likely. When you push on the gas pedle there is a sensor that tells the computer how fast you want the engine to run. When that sensor goes out, the computer compensates by using other signals that are delayed which, in turn, cause the fuel injectors to spray too much or too little fuel/air. The bomb sound is a “backfire” and sounds more like a gun than a bomb, right? It is cause by fuel igniting at the wrong time, like when the exhaust valve is open.

    Another less likely option is a faulty computer. Yet another option is a broken part inside of the distributor but I’d go with the TPS.

    As for an answer to your question, no, a sparkplug cannot cause a car to not turn over unless the sparkplug breaks into pieces for some really bad reason and wedges into the internal workings but that would require a MAJOR problem.

  4. It appears your battery is giving you the stating problems. Auto Zone is a good place to buy one. They will also test your battery condition for free as well. It seems that your car does start so I would eliminate the starter . And if you do not have a charging light on at the dashboard I would say your alternator is working properly. If your car has not been seviced ” a tune up for a couple of years” maybe one is due . Have them change the oil too. Good luck !!

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