Car revs up and down while driving?


Car revs up and down while driving?

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I just recently put my 95 eagle talon in the shop for a tune up. They found a couple problems and I had all of them fixed. But before My car would always rev up and down while driving. i told them this at the shop and thought that it would be fixed. While driving it back home i noticed it was still doing this, does anyone know what could be causing this so i can get it finally fixed?

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  1. Most often cause of wandering engine rpm’s is a vacuum leak or a device that is controlled by vacuum. Possibly around the Idle Air Control valve or scavenge air through the Mass Air Flow sensor due to a ***** in the air supply duct. Unregulated air flow to the Air Speed Density sensor or broken secondary vacuum bleed port. Submit this list to you tune up technician and ask him to see why the engine still has a fluctuating rpm.

  2. Have them check you throttle positioning sensor.

  3. Your transmission or clutch may be slipping.

  4. Some basic sensor testing with results are needed to really help you-such as fuel pressrue while driving, TPS readings,, MAF if equipped, Cam and/or crank sensor wave patterns- but most likely your going to find its a fuel pressure or tps/throttle switch problem.

  5. my car is going to about 2000 rpms and revving up and down constantly and i took it to a mechanic and he said it was the computer causing this problem. im planing on fixing it tomorrow.

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