how do you know if you car needs a tune up?


how do you know if you car needs a tune up?

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i have 2002 chevy impala. bought it used. never had a tune up ever since i had it. its been almost 2 years now. my car makes the loudest noise when driving. sounds like loud wind coming from the engine. and if someone was to drive my car and im standing out i dont hear the noise.. you only heaar it when your in the running car. what the hells wrong with my car?

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  1. Check your maintenance handbook and it will tell you when it’s time for a tune-up.

    Or you can ask a trusted mechanic if you need one….notice the word “trusted”.

  2. if it sounds funny or rough

  3. Each car should have a recommended maintenance interval, usually it can be found in the owners manual, or online too. do the actions in it, all of them, whether they need it or not. it’s a loss less expensive to maintain a vehicle than to buy another.

  4. maintenance book is good.. look online at the maker of the vehicle. there are some general rules out there, like 100, 000 miles but i don’t want to steer you wrong. check out your book. if you don’t have one, look it up onlie.

  5. Maintenance manual are a good guide but are not always right. They do not take weather, dust, and many other factors in consideration. I replace my plug and wires every two years. Pop your hood, see if the engine runs smoothly or if it shakes. Start ups take a lil longer if plugs are bad, gas mileage decreases, acceleration and overall performance as well as emissions are good signs you need a tune up. If you can’t remember the last time u had one, go ahead and do it. If you just bought a used car on the street and have no maintenance history go ahead and do it this way you’ll know what you’re driving

  6. check the manufacturer’s schedule intervals
    does it run poorly, cut out or rev too high at idle?
    is the gas mileage poor?
    does it emit smoke from the tailpipe?
    does it keep running after the ignition is turned off?
    is it a ******* to start?

    there’s some hints

  7. Check the handbook and if it needs a tune up then it will start excecing more smoke but in a month you should regugarly get check if its excecing smoke or any problem is there.and use cng gas so that there is less pollution and people don’t get harmful diseases like tb,astama,lung infection,etc.

  8. well i tell it to you like this if you have had your car for a while and you’ve never done a tune up… then its time for a tune up lol but usually you shood do a tune up every 4 to 5 months depending on how much you drive your car or if you want to go by miles then each car is difrent but its pretty much depend on how much you drive your car and if its an import or (domestic) american m ost imports can take the abuse of not doing a tune up on time but american cars usually end up breaking down on you if you dont do it regularly but you will see a difrence in millage and performance of your car if you use good products to do your tune up for most cars there are options when doing a tune up for example sometimes you have an option on oil you can get the one that cost 2 dollars a 1/4 bottle or the ones that cost 4 or 6 dollars but the expensive ones are usually full synthetic bgut they work better than regular oil so this will be better for your cars performance good luck on your tune up and i hope this was helpful to you

  9. depends on what type of car it is and also if you cant remember the last time you gave your car a tune up its probably time for one. the best tell tale sign is if you notice your car not pulling as much or using slightly more gas than usual.

  10. runs like crap , hard to start, low MPG
    check engine light throws code P0300, misfire.

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