how hard is it to tune up my own car? I have a 2002 ford taurus?


how hard is it to tune up my own car? I have a 2002 ford taurus?

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  1. it always depends on what has to be done.

  2. what exactly were the shops going to do for you? fuel and air filters, spark plugs and wires you can do yourself.

  3. not hard w/ right tools. sparkplug socket,sparkplug guage,maybe various extensions depending if u have a v-6 or 4 cyl.motor.airfilter pcv valve depending on mileage and most important fuelfilter,plus tool 2 remove.u could just do plugs and air filter,most shops will charge around 30 bucks to change fuel filter,a messy job. also get a chilton or haynes manual or have a knowledgeable friend do it 4 u.also do plugs one at a time 2 not mix up plug wires,but if u do mess up wires manual will let u know where they blong.

  4. ryrtsttttttttttttttu

  5. Tune up as in Filters, oil, plugs, and other lube?

    Its all easy with the correct tools, and all can be done for under 100$

  6. Nowdays, it’s more of preventive maintenance than a tune-up. The modern car’s computer tunes itself.

    So, basically all that’s left is for you to change filters, spark plugs and plug wires at about 100,000 miles. Oh, and there’s the routine fluid changes too. Your check engine light will turn on if an emissions component fails.

    On these new cars, you no longer have to change distributor caps and rotors, or set timing, or set dwell on points, or adjust idle speed or idle mixture, or rebuild carburetors.

    Whatever you can do yourself without messing up your car will save you money. Here’s a little hint. Use anti-sieze compound on the spark plug threads, and use dielectric tune-up grease on the inside of the boots on the spark plug wires.

  7. Yeah, that’s silly to pay that much for what is basically changing the spark plugs and wires and some filters.

    At many auto parts stores you can buy a Haynes or Chilton’s do-it-yourself manual for your model car, with step-by-step instructions, lots of pictures, detailed maintenance instructions and schedules, and basic explanations at the beginning of each chapter. If it is not in stock, you can order it online by searching on “auto repair manuals” on Yahoo search. In the front is a section on “Troubleshooting” that guides you step-by-step to find causes of most engine malfunctions based on the car’s symptoms. Whether you do the work yourself or not, it helps you make informed decisions and not be taken advantage of, and to not feel so “in the dark.”

    db667089 says: you can check. For about the same price as a Haynes or Chilton’s repair manual, you can have online access (for a whole year) to model specific info for your particular vehicle. This is the same info that repair shops use. They have great wiring schematics/diagrams.

    Also, for about $15 for a one-month subscription, you can get the factory manual, downloadable (careful! Mine was about 500 pages!) or viewable, at.

    Also, many people recommend’s free online manuals.

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