My car is burning a lot of gas, what wrong?


My car is burning a lot of gas, what wrong?

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  1. Yea if its burning gas you should do a tune up. change your sprk plugs 1st. then the distibuto cap and rotor button. also yo can buy that fuel injector cleaner from a parts store and clean your injectors they could be clogged

  2. Yes it is necessary and yes it will help. The main part of the tune up is new spark plugs and wires - that could be a BIG part of your problem. Also check the air filter - if that is dirty it could hurt performance, too.

  3. If you tune up your car, it will defrontly improve your gas mileage. That involves changing your airfilter, which should be done ever 10k. Change your spark plugs and wires, plus distruder cap. Make sure you label the wires so that you don’t ***** up the firing order and thats it. The bigest thing is if you have a dirty air filter that will kill your mileage.

  4. TUNE UP, ASAP! Also, try looking for a different vehicle. If you’re concerned about the miles, there’s a reason. Get it resolved.

  5. plugs and wires is a good place to start and if you got a distributer,change the cap and rotor,also check the fuel pressure,you might be getting too much gas and burning raw gas.check the fuel pump regulator and the 02 sensor.

  6. for one thing it a honda …… get a tune up , check spark plugs, air filter, and get fule injecter cleaner ,check the distributer.then sell it and get a real car….

  7. Kevin, the change of oil is supper important but tuning up your engine or maintaining the engine running in tip top shape is what gives you that good gas mileage. Go to any PEP BOYS or any auto parts store and get the manual for your car and just follow instructions. Or take it to a good reputable shop and have it tune.
    Money spent on a good tune is money saved at the gas station.GOOD LUCK!

  8. get it tuned up, basically spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter and maybe some new plug wires, definately with that many miles it needs done and you should see a big difference.

  9. depending on what year the vehicle is, when was the last time you changed the fuel filter and had the fuel system cleaned? Both should be done about every 15-20k.

  10. spk plugs,wires, distrib cap,rotor button, that should fix ur proformance level back up

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