what is a good car to modify for street racing?


what is a good car to modify for street racing?

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  1. toyota supra

  2. MY Subaru WRX I have for sale. It’s loaded, and fast!!!! I have run 13.5’s in it and have the ticket times to prove it. 05 with less than 15k miles on it. Fast fast fast.

  3. big block Chevy, is the only way to go

  4. a 87 GN is still reasonably priced and easy to modify

  5. nissan skyline built right will be very hard to beat handles real good hugs corners great
    that is a street racer not for drag racer

  6. nissan sivia if u can find one-has factory turbo,lots of stuff available for mods-also skyline. subaru also- lots of mods also,+4wheel drive !!woohoo!! also 240sx,also nissan. you can get aftermarket turbo +lots of other stuff-have fun! 240sx is us varsion of silvia(japanese ver of 240) subaru has a turbo,too

  7. Mitsubishi Evolution…296 Hp 298 FtLb Torque…it will toast anything on the road just about…get the MR with the six speed ******…AWD it is sick if you have $36,000 you didn’t give a price range either…I sell these things had a customer tell me that was the most fun time he ever had driving a car. You just can’t buy that kinda performance for that kind of money anywhere else, plus the warranty is unmatched.

  8. chevy camaro/pontiac firebird-late 80’s through late 90’s should be fairly cheap, easy to rebuild for a racer. start with a V-8 model, and put a blower on it, and you will have a car that is REALLY hard to beat. there is nothing like the sound of a small block chevy engine with dual exhaust!!!

  9. First off…Do not street race. Take it to the track. Secondly…

    It really depends on your budget and type of street racing. The MkIV Toyota Supra TT is probably the best all around RWD car out there. They are not sleepers by any means however, so if you want to talk people out of their money…the Supra isn’t the best platform to start off with. The Subaru WRX STI is a beast, as is the Mistubishi Evo VIII.

  10. Well forget mustang or camaro’s. Trick people buy either a ford fairmont or mercury zepher. They are a mustang. They just look differant on the outside. Buy a any 5.0 and stick it in there. Everything on these cars ARE the SAME as a mustang. Exaust ****** rear diff and suspension all the same or fit.

  11. Remember one phrase “THERES NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT” American muscle - I have a 91 chevy S-10
    9.73 Seconds in 1/4 mile at 176.7 MPH 600 horsepower,nitrous injected smallblock chevy.

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