Where is the cheapest place to get a tune up for my car?


Where is the cheapest place to get a tune up for my car?

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I have a 2006 Honda Accord and the last place I took it was to Jiffy Lube. Is that the cheapest place to take it to for a yearly tune up?
I dont have a backyard and I cant do it in my parking lot because there are restrictions in my property.
My husband can do the oil change but if there is something more that needs to be done for the car, we cant do it on the property because of the restrictions.

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  1. If I could give anyone good advice… it would be to stay away from JiffyLube.

    Find a small local repair shop… not an oil change joint. Get a couple estimates.

    I did not know JiffyLube did tune-ups… god help us all now.

    - Good Luck!

  2. the cheapest place is in your back yard, do it yourself. its not hard. get yourself a book on your car and the parts and if you have tools, go to work. thats what i do on my car.

  3. buy a book and read then do it yourself

  4. Your vehicle doesn’t need a yearly tune up… it just needs regular maintenance as described in your owners manual. There is a normal schedule and a severe schedule, with definitions so you know which catagory you fall into.

    Requesting a tune up is going to get you all kinds of services you don’t need, and possibly skip services you do need as there is no standard tune up, and vehicles today have nothing to actually tune up.

    Places like Jiffy Lube and other quick lube shops like to sell “tune up packages” which some of the services do not apply to your vehicle, yet you still pay for them and walk away feeling like you did all this good stuff for your vehicle.

    They also use cheap parts, and brands that are sometimes not compatable with your vehicle (yes, it’s stupid that they even make them to fit, but they do) and can cause your vehicle to run worse.

    They are installed by people who don’t know how to do much more than install them. They don’t know what else to look for (other than potential upsells) and if they mess something up, they wouldn’t know how to fix it, let alone what they did wrong.

    If you want to save money, read your owners manual and follow the schedule. Find a shop that helps you keep track and recommends services based on your schedule, AND your vehicles condition. Make sure they use the correct parts, they will last longer and run better. Make sure the guy doing the maintenance also knows how to fix and diagnose problems, he doesn’t have to be the best, but he should certainly have a good understanding of it all.

    It’s much better to have your maintenance work performed at the same shop that you would have repair work done. The mechanics become familiar with your vehicle and also keep records. They can often catch something you would miss that will save you money. And it’s really not more expensive than those quick lube places… you really are getting much more for your money!

  5. try tunex look in the yellow pages

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